Edison - Event registration software

An event registration software with many features, a modern pricing model and very easy to use.

Edison is web-based and offers a complete platform for participants to register, easily and quickly and for you as an organizer to manage the data and to keep in touch with the attendees.

Visit the website (www.edison.events) and rate Edison yourself.

Eventure congress registration software

Parthen has the tools to simplify the registration process. Dedicated software will do much to ease the organising process. Want to see who has registered or who will be giving a lecture, and all this at the press of a button? Exporting data to an Excel file? Send a letter or email all participants? Send an SMS during the event to all participants saying that a session has been rescheduled? Need a registration form on your own website? We’ll make it happen. No problem with Eventure.

The Parthen registration software Eventure allows you to effectively and efficiently organise registration and abstract handling. From large to small meetings and events. This tailor-made software package provides both structure and transparency. Even more important than the technical side is the guidance offered by Parthen. This will never stop. From help with your registration to the installation of complete networks.

For more information please visit www.eventure.eu